The Secret Place

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2019

 The ultimate quest of our lives is to hear the voice of God. To be in His presence.  And this is His quest with us.  He wants to be in our presence.  This is what satisfies His heart and ours.  We must learn to pray, listen, hear, pay attention, and respond to what He is saying. Yet just like in a marriage, it takes time, attention, practice to get to know your spouse, to hear them, and to respond to what they are saying. Intimacy with God begins with the revelation of His love for us. God loves us! He chose you and I, He picked us just for him! He delights in our relationship, our fellowship with Him.  Yes, you are my darling, you stand out from all the rest, for though you are surrounded by the curse of sin, you remain pure as a lily, beautiful as a rose- more than all the others” SOS 2:1-2 Passion Translation. 

   We are his delight, his pleasure, the joy of His heart. He wants us to know Him and to be close to Him. ...

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