Cultivating the Art of Hearing

"There is an art to cultivating a heart that hears, it takes intentionality and longevity." 

Have you ever been in a season where you needed to hear the Lord immediately? Have you ever said, "God, I need to Hear your voice NOW,"? I hope you heard His voice and were able to connect with Him at that time. The truth is that we ALL walk through moments or even  seasons that we need to hear Him better. For many years as a believer, I would get frustrated and confused, "why can't I hear His voice better." After these last 10 years of positioning my heart before the Lord through hours of listening, and many loving conversations, I can say with confidence that I finally know the Lord loves to hear my voice. He loves to hear my heart cry, my thoughts, my cares, my worries, and my dreams. He likes me and enjoys me. He likes you and  He made you for loving conversation and dialogue!  He loves us.

   I'm learning that there is an art to Cultivating a hearing heart, and it takes intentionality and longevity. Just like any relationship I have to take time to hear, and it’s the same with the Lord. My wife says to me many times, "You may be listening to me but you're not hearing me." To really hear my wife's heart I have to be intentional, deliberate, and vigilant. I ask questions and then listen and then can hear what she is saying. 

Cultivating the art of hearing is the key to surviving the storms, the winds, the accusations, and the self talk. But many times the distractions of life, the tyranny of the urgent, and the desperation of the moment swell up like 20 foot waves breaking over the shore.

"if anyone longs to be wise (needs to hear), ask God for wisdom and he will give it! He won’t see your lack of wisdom as an opportunity to scold you over your failures but he will overwhelm your failures with his generous grace. James 1:5 TPT"

It's the Promise of God!  Ask and He will answer.The Lord sees you and hears you.  He isn't looking at you trying to find what's wrong with you so He can withhold His words from you! NO, NO, NO!

God was delighted to give us birth by the truth of his infallible Word so that we would fulfill his chosen destiny for us and become the favorite ones out of all his creation! James 1:18

I would encourage you to spend some time with James 1:18. It is packed with the love and intent of our Father!  He gave you birth, He has a destiny for you, and has chosen you to become His favorite!  When we come to the Father we approach Him with expectation, hope, and an open heart to hear.  As I have positioned my heart to listen in these years I have cultivated the art of hearing the Lord.  No matter what the circumstance or the situation, I can crawl up in His arms, rest in His shadow, and hear His voice.  There are 5 keys that I use to help me cultivate a heart of hearing the Lord that I want to share with you.  I pray it helps you as it has helped me.

1. Plan your time with God.
Intentionality is everything! Purposing our time with the Lord is the quickest way to grow in intimacy with Him. Faith that the Father wants to hear you, be with you, and encounter you will birth expectancy that you will experience God on a regular basis! Heb.11:3, 6

2. Spend time in loving conversation with the Lord as you read the scripture.
Slowing down, having loving conversation about what we are reading, and having loving conversation about His word is vital to hearing the Lord. He loves it when we talk to Him, ask Him questions, when we seek to know what He thinks, feels, and how he does things!

3. Meditate
God wants to speak to you, give you understanding, and actively love you. Listen for the words He is saying. Meditate with scripture, pictures, videos, colors.

4. Worship in spirit and in truth.
It is so easy to worship for other reasons than just out of love or because of who God is. Originally Adam had no sin to be forgiven, he had no circumstantial needs, he had no physical needs. There was nothing that Adam lacked. The basis of Adam’s worship was not focused on his life, his circumstances, or even his gratitude for the gift of salvation. Worship was pure adoration and affection given to the Lord. 

5. Steward your dreams, impressions, words, and promises.

- Acknowledge the mind of Christ in you.
- Journal what you hear and see.
- Trust the Holy Spirit in you


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