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Confidence in Love

video Nov 07, 2021
Transcribed from "Confidence in Love Pt.1" video above.

This months blog is actually the video up above but I wanted to send it as a blog as well. I believe this is one of the greatest messages I have been sharing these last year and wanted to share it again. I pray you experience and encounter the sweet words of your Father, "You are my delight."

Did you know that you can have confidence in the Lord? Confidence in love?


This has been a huge thing in these last nine months in my own life.  I've been in Roman since 2019. And the Lord has been teaching me so much about who he is his redemptive purpose for me, for us, and then how I can look at him, and see how he made me how he thinks about me how he feels about me. Before I even start today on our teaching about confidence and love, I want to encourage you to just go through Romans eight, yourself to dive in. And then as you dive into Romans eight, why not dive into all of Romans, spend some time...

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