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Each one of of our friends have a deep passion to see the Bride of Christ encouraged, equipped, and enabled as true lovers of Jesus.

Gabriel & Katie Hancock

Gabriel and Katie have been at the International House of Prayer since 2006. He is a prophetic drummer who serves currently on Chris Tofilon's team. He has played with Misty Edwards, Jon Thurlow, Ryan Kondo, Corey Asbury, etc. Gabriel is a refreshing voice in our generation that God is using to strengthen the Global Prayer Movement.


Samantha Rude

Samantha is a prophetic voice in Houston! She has been leading worship for 7 years at Katy Community Fellowship and operating in a prophetic gift that has brought real change in the city.  Samantha has an MA in Biblical Languages and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures, and a BA in Biblical Studies. 

She is passionate about the power of mutuality; men and women working together in true 1st century Church ministry. Samantha believes studying the communities of the Bible and their interactions give us the perfect game plan for modern day, transformational ministry. 

Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown has been dancing as a sign and wonder for many years. Her understanding of prophetic expressions and its history in the church is enlightening.  Kelly graduated from Texas A&M Universityand has been dancing for over 33 years. She has been teaching various forms of dance for 20 years locally and internationally with Christian Dance Center, His Company International, and Celebration Ministries. 

 Kelly has published two prophetic devotionals and is in the process of publishing, "Foundations" for the dance and arts ministry.

Kelly has been married to Matt for 21 years and they have 2 kids Jacob and Abree. They reside in Houston, TX.

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