Have you ever wondered what sacrifice Jesus actually made?Have you ever asked yourself, "why did Jesus actually die for me?"


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Can we be consecrated in the midst of chaos?

Amidst the noise happening around us, Jesus issues an invitation into peace, passion, and promise. Consecrated in the Chaos takes you on a unique journey into the presence of Jesus with testimonies, stories, and scripture. It will stir your heart to encounter the fullness of a life abiding in the presence of Jesus. Now is the time to discover the incredible joy of embracing a life surrendered to the extravagant love of Jesus.


The NOPE Show

Listen to Samantha's Podcast called "The NOPE Show" on Anchor FM. 

Uncensored Biblical truth for the 21st century believer. Interviews with awesome humans who love Jesus, love people, and want to change the world.

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   The Healing Tree is an allegorical tale, based on Isaiah 53 of the bible. In poetic, fable form it leads readers through God's desire to heal and restore all who come to Him through the saving power of the cross of Jesus Christ. Brilliantly and prophetically illustrated by Joanne Frimel, this book not only contains a touching and empowering message, but is also a glorious work of art.