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How We Got Here...

In the past 10 years Shawna and I have had some amazing conversations with our friends. Some were easy and some were hard. But what I began to realize is that so many of these topics just needed to be in a conversation among believers. In the process of hundreds of discussions and life changing conversations, I felt the Lord began to move on my heart.

Our love for the Body of Christ and passion to see "her brought into maturity" began to move us into uncharted waters. In February of 2019 we had our first course. From there we had other discussion, inviting our friends, and walking together with some amazing people that were longing to walk deeper with the Lord. So in December of 2019, we began to pray and develop this site.


In the last 2 years we have had over 400 people journey with us through courses, video devotionals, or join our membership. We have had thousands of views on our FB Lives and have been able to enjoy the beauty of God in a MOSAIC of community.  We have accumulated 18 courses with over 20 guests and 50+ hours of content. 

You can experience a life alive in the Lord and full of joy and freedom. Take the journey with us and join our monthly subscription, buy individual courses, or join our email list and receive FREE Digital Downloads from some of our past courses.

20+ Special Guests


Take the journey with us and connect your heart to the burning messages in ours and our friends. Join one of two of our monthly subscriptions and trek with us as we seek to build up and strengthen your journey with the Lord.


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